Heavy Duty Notebook - Yellow


These notebooks are designed by Ghent based graphic designer Dirk Pierloot and printed on BIOSET recycled paper by letterprint master Jozias Boone in Ghent.

The idea to create these notebooks came to Dirk while he was rebuilding his house.
He needed a 'heavy duty' notebook that would last even when it's double pleated in your back pocket and used all the time.
The excellent quality and the way the book is bounded makes this notebook your best travelling budy. An evernote avant la lettre.
No-nonsense notebook collection in blue red and yellow. They all have a different number of pages which explains the price difference:
red 400 pages
blue 384 pages
yellow 272 pages

Bound paperback

dimensions: 110 x 165 x 26 mm
Weight: 275g (9,70 oz)