About us


A cloud is hard to capture for its boundaries are undefined. We have many clouds up in the air.

An ongoing project from which one could say the overal silver lining is our love for decoration and interior design.

CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE - your favorite waste of time

A cozy café for your daily shot of caffeine and healthy brunch.

BED & BREAKFAST - dream away

Stay the night in our intimate hide away located in a renovated chapel and be surrounded by hand picked objects and furniture.

I/OBJECT webshop - ♡ [heart] to find objects 

Discover our curated selection of ceramics - textiles - decoration - lighting - furniture and apothecary at the I/OBJECT webshop

JOURNAL - designfeeds

Clouds are always on the go. Travel with us to inspiring places and see what we discover: beautiful interiors, well designed objects, captivating people, whatever catches the eye.


FACILITIES - create your own space

You can rent multiple spaces for all sorts of activities: private parties, press releases, photoshoots, workshops, meetings, etc. 

You can also hire our I/OBJECTS for styling and photoshoots. 

Most welcome to C L O U D S ! 





Clouds 9000 is founded by Veva van Sloun and Jan Wauters, a complementary couple: creative versus business mindset.

They work and live at Clouds 9000, in a part of the renovated buildings of a former elementary school. Together with a group of like minded people they developed the buildings into living spaces. The Clouds in my Coffee café is the entrance of the project. The chapel with B&B does not face the street, it is situated around the former playground of the school, which makes it a peaceful place to be. Project dsDS has become a home for nine families, living apart together.

Jan and Veva chose to live in the Dampoort area of Ghent, a reviving district, where you can find a diversity of cultures. Whenever they find the time they enjoy travelling together with their 4 kids, Farah, Idriss and twin boys Isaac and Noah.


Veva van Sloun

Creative director & curator
instagram @veva_clouds

Jan Wauters

Accountancy & quotations for facilities



Nils Van de Cauter

Nils is a young graphic designer from Ghent. Active in print media and advertising. Many passionate years of art school guarantee expertise. This combined with field experience for a number of cutting edge brands results in Nils knowing exactly how to boost a message in a unique creative way.

Marie Quataert

Marie is an established value on social media. With this inside knowledge and a sharp eye for video and photography she is driven to help brands explore their possibilities. Together they own www.rhye.be