The collection results from a simple and concise design exercise. When paired down to the most necessary elements, most lights are made of 3 components:

1 - the illuminating element

2 - the foot (or wall / ceiling rose)

3 - the stem in between

Examples of such lights in their simplest form would be the classical globe pendant or the classical floor light with a cone illuminating the ceiling. Within this collection, Atelier Areti have also continued their exploration into colour. Given the reductionist nature of the designs, using colour as an added design dimension was experimented with from the beginning.

About Atelier Areti
Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer set up their own design studio - Atelier Areti - in 2008, after having worked for several architecture and design offices throughout Europe and the US.

Clouds is the exclusive dealer of this brand in Belgium. You can order their entire collection. Contact us for more info:

brand: Atelier Areti
Length: 72,5
width: 15

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