The Director / Table Lamp 1501


Table lamp 1501, or The Director, is based on the original and rare 6019, designed by J.J.M. Hoogervorst. The name of the lamp is a tribute to Max Liebert, the founder of ANVIA.

It is made with aluminium and steel components and has a timeless design. The lampshade comes in signal yellow and is adjustable in various positions.


The legendary brand ANVIA ('Algemeene Nederlandsche Verlichtingsindustrie Almelo', founded in 1933) was recently relaunched in 2014. Director Michel Klein produces lighting with a nod to the mid-century models of Hoogervorst. All these lamps feature the newest lighting technology: when past meets future.

Jan Hoogervorst is probably one of the biggest mid-century designers of the Netherlands. A true artisan with an excellent sense of proportion, but also a strong Calvinist who likes functional design in its purest form.

delivery time: 2-3 w
brand: ANVIA
Length: 42 cm
diameter: 24,5 cm
light source: E27 - LED

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