Foyer Crown Gold


Kim Mee Hye exclusive earring goldplated

"The FOYER collection is about adding a new layer in a part of our body. The first exploration is the Ear.
For the first time, I consider the pieces of the new collection more like an accessory. A new way to adorn the body. I think today a lot has been already explored in terms of jewelry, especially for the earring. It is why I decided to innovate by adding a new layer on the body giving to it a new shape, a new architecture, on which we can add gems and other little rings.
What I like the most in creating new pieces is to realize simple but strong design by using curves and lines together. It is all about proportion, balance between both. Also depending on how your face is profiled, I have designed different models of layers" - Kim Mee Hye

The name Foyer means in French an open area/ room in a house. Foyer expresses the idea of architecture in this collection. The fact of adding a new layer, a new structure on your body, like a new room/area in a house