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Meet Lilian Martinez (Lil') the young designer of the LA based art brand BFGF. She knows excatly how to blend pop culture and nature in a thrilling way. "Art is really powerful in an unfathomable way. Through my work I hope to introduce pieces that make the world more beautiful, fun, cool and weird." And that's exactly what we're looking for. 

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BFGF is a one person project. BFGF provides an outlet to make accessible and functional art objects. She designes all her pieces herself and works with manufactured produce textiles. Her husband, a very talented photographer, helps her take the photos. Let's talk.

Lillan, what does BFGF stands for?

When I first started BFGF it stood for Boyfren/Girlfren. Now I think it can be anything. I like it when people make up their own meaning. The other day someone said 'Big Frog Giant Frog' which I thought was very really funny and cool.

Is this your first project or what did you do before BFGF?

Before, I was a product photographer. What comes in very handy.

Your artwork reminds me a bit of the French painter Paul Gauguin. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I'm really inspired by the desert, plants, fruit, sculpture, and transcendent experiences.

Do you live downtown LA or outside, in a more desert-like landscape?

I live in East Los Angeles a short drive from downtown. We like to visit the desert pretty often, it's about a 2 hour drive.  

What do you like to do when not working? 

I do love to travel! But I don't get to travel as often as I would like to. I really like to read, paint, nap, go on hikes, visit museums and eat snacks.

What are your favorite places in LA?

Norton Simon Museum is one of my fav museums. They have really amazing paintings and a nice outdoor cafe. Very beautiful and only a short drive from Los Angeles, you can visit the Angeles National forest. I love to spend time there. And highly recommended for a good cup of tea: Valerie's in Echo Park.

Valerie's in Echo Park LA

Norton Simon museum LA

Friday the 10th of June Lil an het boyfriend Daniel flew over from LA for a visit. We planned a night filled with live drawing sessions, cocktails and good music. Click the link below to watch a little video we made together with Lil!


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