Maurice Mentjens Interior Design

An interior architect who not only designs spaces, but also takes the context, function and location of his creations into account. He is a master in storytelling and likes to refer to the symbolic value and intended use of a building, the history of the city or surrounding area: the genius locii. He extracts inspiration out of mythology, literature and visual arts. He insists on building a strong bond with his clients and designs almost exclusively for the project sector: bars, cafés, restaurants, musea, offices. 

No doubt Maurice Mentjens was the ideal person to design the interior of our coffee bar: Clouds in my Coffee. His work exceeds the limits of interior design and he is called deservedly ‘the designer of imagination’ Functionality is not an end in itself for Maurice, but it is a result of the esthetic part of his work, an indirect goal. His main goal is to seek the spirit of the place he's designing. 

His interiors are never to be called trendy and experimental, but everyting is dominated by autonomy. Every project is authentic and is viewed individually.

Maurice Mentjens Agency is three times winner of the Dutch Design Award and has won the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2007. Not only the coffee bar but also our meeting room and office carries his signature. 


Meeting Room & Clouds in my Coffee café - Pictures: Laurence Vanderelstraeten / Veva van Sloun

Pictures: Arjen Schmitz 

Left: Kiki Niesten 2 Maastricht - The owner of Kiki 2 wanted a functional, chique decor with a humorous slant. Maurice scattered white clothes across the floor and cast them in completely transparent epoxy resin. It seems like a customer pulled everything out of the cabinets in a state of ‘shopping delirium’.

Right: Fashion Store I2 Frankfurt Am Main - This shop refers to Frankfurt as banking city, the financial heart of Germany. Maurice: “Fashion objects are real treasures. The idea therefor emerged to design the shop as a bank vault, with valuable goods kept safely behind steel bars.”


Picture: Bert Janssen

Sirius Smartshop Maastricht - This shop has the look of an alchemic labatory or machine with its copper walls and ceilings. It refers to Maastricht as an old industrial town and the base products of the Smart shops that are extracted from herbs and plants using laboratory techniques.


Picture: Arjen Schmitz

Meeting Room / Postpanic Amsterdam - Designed as a professional playground. The company’s creative and headstrong attitude was the starting point. Especially the meeting room is noticable. Floors, walls and table carpeted as it being one single object.


Picture: Marc Pluim

Exhibition Arnout Visser / Museum Voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (MMKA) - Maurice and Arnout Visser know each other for almost 25 years. When visiting Arnout’s apartment and atelier, which more looks like an inventor’s lab, Maurice felt like entering a unique world. This feeling was his inspiration source to shape the exposition in the MMKA in 2013. The sphere reflects Arnout’s search for ultimate beauty.

More projects by Maurice:


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