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A while back we took a plane to Copenhagen to visit the creative Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer in her brand new studio workshop and showroom. As founder and former creative director of Made a Mano, Josephine now flies solo with File Under Pop. Her vision is to transform spaces fundamentally by clothing surfaces. “The surface of a room should be inspiring,” says Josephine. "We are surrounded by surfaces in our daily lives. So why not add depth, colour and texture?” 

File Under Pop produces unique hand crafted ceramic lava stone from Sicily and terra-cotta tiles from the south of Spain, as well as wallpaper and exclusive paint. “I lived with my family in Italy 15 years ago. Already back then I played with the idea of producing my own wallpaper but instead I went into tiles and lavastone, which I have specialised in ever since.” Lavastone is extracted from the active volcano Mount Etna on Sicilly, where the stone has been compacted over 2500 years. The lavastone is glazed and/or decorated by hand and is transformed to ceramic by oven-firing of up to two days. Clay comes from a family owned production an hour's drive from Valencia, where File Under Pop's tiles are prepared.

Lavastone terracotta tiles file under pop decoration wallpaper

File Under Pop Paint Collection Decoration

The lava stone Boards can be used as decoration pieces and serving boards and are available at our online shop. 

Josephine is now making a long cherished dream come true by creating her own wallpaper. File Under Pop has its own production studios of hand painted wallpaper, where specially made paint is used together with copper- , white gold- and 23 carat gold leaf. Josephine uses wallpaper to stand out in a room in a completely new way. The idea being that our wallpaper does not necessarily cover the whole surface area of a wall. One piece can lend a room unique character and personality. 

File Under Pop Wallpaper Tiles Lavastone Design Interior


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