At Swim two Birds

When we saw her mobiles and patchwork for the first time, we fell in love. Renilde de Peuter is a creative multitasker and has been crafting her entire life. She calls herself ‘a collector of impressions’. Beautiful materials and a rich fantasy guide her through the creative process of art making. 


How did you acquire a taste for textile and patchwork?

I learned to knit at the age of 6. I can still remember vividly I had a great time doing that. My mom had a subscription to the magazine ‘Handwerken’, which was very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. I devoured each copy I got my hands on. 


How did your brand grow? 

Although needlework runs through my veins, I had never thought of it as a profession. Until two of my friends started their own business and asked me to create some knitted work for their shop. The first objects I made were embroidered pincushions, knitted hats and patchwork cushions.

In that period I’ve also set up my own blog to express myself and showcase my work. I enjoy taking pictures and collecting images. I like to make connections between my work and my photographs. I think it makes my work more complete and it inspires me. Another advantage is that I met a lot of nice people and customers through my blog. 


Why did you choose the name ‘At Swim two Birds’ for your blog / brand? Did you read the book? 

In my opinion, At Swim two Birds is one of the funniest books ever. It has been laying on my nightstand for many years. I used to read a couple of pages a day. The title refers to a spot on the riverside that is often visited by the accursed king Sweeney, a character from the novel, who was doomed to go through life as a bird.

I can’t exactly remember why I picked that name. Probably because I think it’s a nice and intriguing title. And also: I love birds. 


What is your source of inspiration? 

Inspiration comes from everywhere: from the world around me, but also from my mind. Next to my very vivid imagination, I also get inspired by materials.

I always carry around my camera when I’m on my way, mostly in nature. I am - and always have been - a real collector. In the past I collected insects and plants, but now i’m mostly a collector of impressions. By capturing images, you are able to focus more, which makes you more sensitive for details and lighting.


We noticed you have a beautiful apartment. What do you like the most in your home? What’s your favorite object? 

My workspace is my living space. Sometimes I work in the kitchen and my bedroom is my storage room. My apartment is full of yarn and boxes with all kinds of textile, weaving looms and packages. I rarely throw anything away. It is a little messy in my home, but that’s good for my working vibe. 

 I don’t really have a favorite object, although my working table, a good chair and nice daylight are important to me. 


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All images by Renilde de Peuter 


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