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Annick Geers lives in Melle, Belgium. A few years ago, together with her husband Frank and her kids, she bought and old charming house on the countryside. Architect Jan De Vylder gave the house his signature by adding some well thought color injections and raising the roof, like the house comes out of the land of the Rising Sun. 
When you meet Annick, you can tell the house is a perfect match. No soft colors in here. Bright accents with lots of love, as she's always surrounded by her husband, 6 kids and a small animal farm. 

Annick studied ceramics at  the Art Academy in Antwerp. In the second year, she decided to go to l'Academy de l'Art in Aix en Provence, because she was afraid only ceramics would narrow her down. In France, the program was based on experimenting with all kind of materials: paint, clay, fibres, wood, paper, everything you can think of. By working with all sorts of materials she soon found out that fibers were what she liked most: the texture, possibilities, diversity.

After France she moved to Canada, where Frank was trained as a helicopter pilot. Soon after that the kids followed and she concentrated on her family. Whenever she had time to do so she experimented with textile. Knitting has been one of her main focuses for some years. Hats, scarves, sweaters but also capes and plaids.
Since a few years, she started with Macramé, the art of knotting, using vintage magazines and books from the sixties to find patterns. 


Macramé has made a comeback, but you mostly find plant hangers made out of a few simple knots combined with beads.
Annick wants to take macramé to another level and challenges herself in her studio in the garden. The small house used to be the kids' house but now that some of them have moved out, Annick turned it into a studio.

When you look at her curtains (like the entrance curtain at the I/OBJECT shop too) you may notice that her yarns and knots are quite fine, which is a lot of work but gives a beautiful result.
In her livingroom she has an antique macramé curtain. It certainly is a source of inspiration to her. All the other macramé items you find in the house are made by Annick. It started out as a hobby, to decorate her own house, but soon she got requests from friends, went to fairs to expose her work and her brand Triconick was born.

The interior of the house reflects her personality. Textiles are integrated in different ways. Her kitchen has no cabinets. Her kitchentop is surrounded with a Marimekko printed black and white curtain. On her bed, she has the iconic seapelt sleeping bag by Prjonsdottir Vik's made of 100% Icelandic wool. 
Since they have no neighbours, regular curtains close down the house too much. With Macramé curtains, the light comes in and you always have the interaction with the garden because of the see through effect.

At the I/OBJECT store you can find some pieces of Annick, but everything is made to order.

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