Ceramics are HOT / pt. 2

Time to put the spotlight on some female talent. A short introduction of 9 ceramicists world wide, with a very different style but one thing in common: their love for the wheel.


Natalie Weinberger

First stop: Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Nathalie Weinberger is a passionate woman who started  throwing on the weel in 2010. Natalie Weinberger is triggered by an affinity for natural materials, design history and everyday objects.
Her style is very clean, but her work is beautifully detailed. 


Shino Takeda

Another great talent from Brooklyn NYC: Shino Takeda. When she was a little girl, Shino traveled all around Japan with her mother to visit different ceramic artists studios. Shino calls her work a mix of traditional Japanese art forms mixed with the freshness of NYC today. She searches for perfect imperfection. And great news: we’re the only retailer of her unique spoons and salt sets in Belgium.


Bodil Manz

Danish artist Bodil Manz is one of the true masters of eggshell porcelain. Her favorite shape is the ultrafine and almost impossibly thin porcelain cylinder. She has the ability to create aesthetic nuances of pattern and transparency. Her objects are true works of art.



La Kinska is Argentianan. She lives and works in London. Who thinks of Kinska, thinks of cups, broches, plates and pottery with faces and eyes, as if they were humans. Kinska brings the clay to life.  
Hand crafted ceramics with a twist.


Susan Simonini

Down Under we discovered Susan Simonini. She allows the process of ceramic making to determine the end product. Her pieces develop organically with just a loose idea or shape in mind. We love her speckled plates. She prefers natural colors, because a great source of inspiration for Susan is Nature. Earth and soft tones are her favorites.


Suzanne Sullivan

Another Australian ceramicist: Suzanne Sullivan. She doesn’t like mass production and thereby feels the urge to make every ceramic object with her hands. She is trained as a painter. You can still feel it in her work as a ceramicist. She uses a lot of patterns and is not afraid to mix colors. Every object has a differtent shape. She really wants to point out that everything is hand made. 


Gurli Elbækgaard

Gurli is from Denmark. She mainly works in clay, primarily stoneware and porcelain. Her work includes both utilitarian objects and sculptural works. The inspiration from utilitarian objects such as cups, bowls, vases etc. often springs from a perceived “need” or desire to develop a product, which then becomes a focal point for some time – consciously as well as unconsciously. She strives to develop glazes that hold a certain reference to her main source of inspiration: Nature. 


Beate Andersen

Another talent from Denmark: Beate Andersen. Her latest work is inspired on the dualism between order and chaos. Beate Andersen likes the mysterious side of an idea in one’s mind and tries to express that idea in her ceramics.



Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers’ focus lies on experimenting with materials using pigment and porcelain. It is a research into the flowing of colors through liquid clay, resulting in a series of unique handmade cups. Their cups are always guided by the flowing of the clay. In our shop, we sell their beautiful - and one of a kind - cups.


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