NychairX – Shikiri Ottoman

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In Japan, since ancient times, traditional architecture have had diverse types of partitions
– “shikiri” in Japanese – such as folding screens, sliding doors, and reed blinds.
These partitions can block dazzling sunlight or the view from the outside but at the
same time allow people inside to be aware of light, wind, or sound from outside the partition.
They are indispensable items in Japanese houses,
where people highly value the changes in the natural world outside.
Nychair X Shikiri is inspired by the concept of a shikiri partition and
suggests a lifestyle with a closer connection to nature.

This Ottoman comes with charcoal black finishes. The fabric comes in Blue Grey Sudare, where the narrow stripes made of blue and white lines represent light and breeze traveling through a reed screen. The delicate coloring evokes haze over a lake.

Second hand model

delivery time: 2 weeks
color: blue
Length: 76,5 cm
width: 61 cm
height: 86 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
wood finishing: dark brown