Royal Sofa


Take a closer look and be surprised about the wonderful details in this piece of art. The remark people make standing in front of her pictures is always the same: is this a painting or a picture?

Photographer Bibi Euse was born and raisid in Colombia. In her childhood she spent a lot of time in the mountains surrounding Medellin, especially on her grandparents’ coffee plantation, where the rich diversity of the tropical Andes’s landscape left a profound impression. These memories resurface in her work of recent years, as a way to reinforce the bond with her motherland, and inspired by painters such as Séraphine Louis and Henri Rousseau.

Her photos are characterised by an aestheticising and melancholy vision, filled with desire for an Edenic place and time that seem at once very distant and uncannily close by.

Limited Edition of 25 + 2 exhibition pieces
Numbered and signed
Wooden Frame (handpainted in dark brown - no glass)

dimensions: 13 cm x 20 cm
option: framed