Nationale 6/7 fragrance

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Nationale is a gallery and shop in Portland. The scent was created in collaboration with, May Barruel, the shop owner. The inspiration of this fragrance was extracted from the old world rose soaps in her shop. It smells like a perfume from another time and place.

jasmin – lemon – rose – sandalwood

9 ml / a small bottle, but a highly concentrated fragrance
All OLO fragrances are unisex.

Founded in 2009 by self taught Portland-based perfumer Heather Sielaff, each fragrance continues to be hand blended and bottled to order. OLO Fragrance blends contain fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, key accords and absolutes. All OLO perfumes are 85 percent (or more) natural, contain no aldehydes or alcohol, and are not tested on animals.

The brands Portland roots shine through Heather’s choice of locally sourced essential oils and scents using pine, cedar, and lilac. She has a skill that intricately combines complex scents to make something clean and simple. Heather loves the Oregon coastline, mountains and clouds. The smell of the woods and the air before it rains inspire her to blend her fragrances.

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