NychairX Ottoman


Japanese designer Takeshi Nii created his NychairX in 1970. Ever since the chair has grown out to an icon, winning design awards all over the world.

The newly re-launched Nychair X 80, was created in 1980, 10 years after the launch of the original Nychair X.
It was developed to meet the changing needs of the times, as people moved from a low seated living environment with tatami mats, to a more western lifestyle with chairs.

While maintaining the enveloping comfort of the chair, the seat height is set higher than that of the original Nychair X, and the backrest can be folded to make it more compact and easier to carry

delivery time: 2 weeks
Length: 76,5 cm
width: 61 cm
height: 86 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg

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