It's all about tracing your style and not to care about trends or what other people might think. You have to be surrounded by your own sense of beauty in your own house. We help you find pieces for your interior that will be a plus to the things you already have, whether it's a lamp, a carpet, a table or bedlinen for your bedroom. You can also contact us for larger projects, we have a beautiful collection of tiles and paint by File Under Pop and we can help you with a lighting plan for your house.

Besides private clients we work together with (interior)architects and corporate businesses. Lighting projects from A to Z in cooperation with our partner Aaves.

Partners / Clients / Projects : o.a. Studio Bont / Going East  / Plantin Moretus museum / Fosburry and sons / Decor stukken van mensen 


from left to right: photo 1 Alouette lamp Atelier Areti - File Under Pop tiles in the color Kerosine // photo 2 Alouette x 3 - Atelier Areti // poto 3 apartement in Milan of Belgian interior architect Frederik De Wachter - two Speres lamp by Atelier Areti // photo 4 Bocci luster - cones by Atelier Areti // photo 1 and 4 copyright Heidi Lerkenfeldt  


Bedlinen by the French brand Linge Particulier - 100% washed linen in a large color range //  tapa cushions by the Belgian brand Laend. 


Curtains made by textile designer Ilse Acke - digitally printed // Cloud sofa designed by Veva, made by Jeffrey Vanhille // corner bench designed by Veva - made by Micha De Jonghe - painted in the File Under Pop color Tangled Up in Blue