The 'Copycat' from FLOS is designed by Michael Anastassiades in 2015. It reminds us of the tribal earring from Dior: elegant in its purest form.

Anastassiades describes this table lamp as follows: "Two spheres just touch each other. One small, in a precious material, placed under the 'shadow' of the large one, in illuminated glass." There is also a dimmer switch on the power cable, ideal for romantic evenings.

This piece has a small sphere in electroplating 24kt gold.
If you'd prefer the small sphere in copper, black nickel or polished aluminium, please contact us:

brand: Flos
height: 29,85 cm
diameter: 30 cm & 9,8 cm
light source: COB LED 16W 2700K 1380lm total CRI83