VV Cinquanta Wall Lamp


VV Cinquanta Suspension is a wall light that embodies elegance and versatility.

Designed by Italian architect Vittoriano Viganó in 1951 during his time as Art Director for Arteluce, the VV Cinquanta features a posable direct light source that can swivel and tilt, from direct working light to upward lighting.
The Suspension model is a sophisticated luminaire with a distinctive dual-stemmed construction. It features two uniquely shaped reflectors, one narrow and one wide. The fixture and the reflectors can be adjusted to many different positions, enabling a wide variety of both downward and upward lighting. The invitingly playful design encourages dynamic lighting compositions.
The VV Cinquanta collection, as all other Astep products, is made in Italy.

This iconic design is available in different finishes, an ode to the original colors Vigano used in his designs. Choose between a black or brass mount & different reflector colors

delivery time: 4 weeks
brand: Astep
dimensions: 256 x 183 x 364 mm
Material: Spun Aluminium Reflector, Brass Mount
light source: E27 — max 53W
Product sheet: VV-Wall.png

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