For the love of tiles! I/OBJECT is an official agent of File Under Pop in Belgium. The collection consists of unique hand crafted lavastone and ceramic terracotta tiles for walls, floors and ceilings.

Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, founder and creative director of File Under Pop, brings back the tile into the home in a modern way. Inspired by Asian and African cultures the collection is contemporary with an ancient look and feel. With all the different existing shapes, patterns and glazes, there are endless possibilities to customize every project to your own wishes. File Under Pop also has a range of kitchen tops in glazed lavastone up to 240 cm (out of one piece) in 45 different colors.
Larger pieces of glazed lavastone can also be used as a tabletop (round or square) 

file under pop collage rombo terracotta clouds 9000

  Picture left Veva van Sloun / middle: (rombo tile collectio) by Ditte Sager / picture right: Heidi Lerkenfeldt / interior architect Natalia Sanchez



Lavastone is extracted from the active volcano Etna on Sicily at a depth of 20 metres, where the stone has been compacted for about 2000 years. The lavastone is then glazed and decorated by hand and is transformed to ceramic by hours of oven-firing.

Lavastone is the only raw stone that can stand the heat and therefor that can be glazed.

raw stone lavastone file under pop clouds 9000

Pictures: Ditte Isager


Clay comes from a family owned production, an hour drive from Valencia. There, the File Under Pop tiles are crafted.

clouds 9000 solid colors file under pop terracotta

Picture: Ditte Isager


Motifs and patterns are inspired by the Japanes Edo period, the Ewe people located in Ghana, Togo and Benin and the botanical world. 

file under pop clouds 9000 patterns lavastone


There are 45 solid colors in both terracotta and lavastone. Colors appear eather matt or shiny, depending on your wish.
A small selection of colors are available in metallic.

clouds 9000 lava boards file under pop terracotta

The lavastone boards can be used as a center piece on your table and are available in different shapes and colors in our online stiore - pictures by Ditte Isager


Terracotta 10x10x0,8  /  15x15x0,8  /  30x30x0,9 / Rombo collection 10x20x1

Lavastone 30x30x1 / 5x30x1 / 60x60x2 or customised (e.g. parallellogram / round shape etc.)


Private clients and (interior) architects can visit our showroom non-committal by appointment or contact us by email for more information.
On www.fileunderpop.com you can see the entire collection.