TMM Floor Lamp


This is perhaps the most highly acclaimed pieces from one of Spain’s leading pioneering masters of industrial design. Miguel Milá managed to brilliantly separate the three vital components of any lamp: the structure, the electrical components and the shade, in an exquisite demonstration of earnest serenity and functional efficiency, allowing the user to put them together with tremendous ease and enabling better maintenance throughout its extensive service life. It becomes ever more glorious in time.

A cross-shaped base supports a square wooden shaft that becomes a circle in the middle. The shade can be moved up or down it, held at the required height by a simple rubber ring. A genuine lesson in intelligence and good taste making minimal use of components. This was Miguel Milá’s first product that Santa & Cole re-released in 1986, 25 years after it initially saw the light of day. Today it is offered in a range of three different woods for the structure and two colours of shade: white or beige.

Miguel Mila is known as one of the pioneers in Spanish modern design. Santa Cole stands for quality manufacturing.

delivery time: 2 weeks
Length: 166cm
diameter: 60cm
light source: Led Bulb 10W — Other: max. 100W
Product sheet: TMM.jpg

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